Pedals Wish List

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And the Countdown begins…

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25 days left until Christmas. You know what that means, Christmas carols, lights, Santa Claus, holiday food, getting presents for your loved ones, and last but not least making a holiday wish list…

We’ve made our own holiday wish list we would like to share…


Pedals Wish list:

Cleaner air in London (fewer carbon emissions)

We want to make the air more breathable!

Currently: we have saved around 1,966, 322 carbon emissions through our deliveries. We would like to increase this number to 2,900,00.


More people cycling and becoming active

We want to encourage more people to take up cycling and allow more cyclists to turn their hobby into a fulfilling career. The more people that cycle will not only improve the environment but  will also improve their own health.


Less cars on the street

Right now we have taken the equivalent of 17 VW Polos off of the road for a month. We would like to increase this to 30 VW Polos this holiday season. Which means more green and sustainable deliveries!

More Inclusive Communities

We want the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development to flourish

More satisfied customers

We want to keep a smile on our customers’ faces and make sure that they are happy with our services and our cyclists. (Fun Fact:Smiling relieves stress and boosts your immune system)


Happy Holidays!

-Pedals Team x