A Passion for Food and Sustainability

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How much longer will London be known as a tech start up city? According to Cynthia Shanmugalingam, the founder of Kitchenette (a grant-funded incubator restaurant), the time has come for a new era of entrepreneurs. “The food and drink industry is reportedly the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, adding around £95.4bn to the economy every year, and is one of the country’s biggest exporters” (Booty). Within the past 5 years, top restaurants have been capitalizing on a new Millennial social trend as food is portrayed, on social media for instance, as a casual, daily experience- no longer a luxury in which their parents may have perceived eating out. These entrepreneurs with a passion for food have become some of the leading businesses in the U.K; like Dock Kitchen, Meatliquor and The Clove Club (Norum).

Meanwhile, another social trend is reaching the business atmosphere- sustainability. With the food and drink sector being the UK’s biggest exporter, the amount of CO2 emissions released by standard vehicles are major contributors to London’s staggering pollution statistics. However, more businesses want to connect sustainability and eco friendliness to their brand because customers value that kind of social responsibility; therefore, the question is, how can foodie entrepreneurs capitalize on mealtime as an experience while presenting an eco-friendly brand to their socially conscious customers?

The answer is not simple, but as a 100% CO2 emission free courier service, we are on a path to building a more sustainable city. Pedals Delivery service is here to assist food and drink start-ups and family owned firms brand themselves as sustainable, increase productivity by saving time from running errands and samples, and provide last-minute delivery solutions. We have a knack for customer service and increasing cyclists’ happiness. Together, we can save you time and our city from high-levels of pollution. As the food and drink sector and the cry for sustainability are on the rise, what are you breadwinners waiting for?

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