5 Simple Tips On Becoming More Sustainable As an Individual

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When we think about becoming more sustainable,  the most common thing that comes to our mind is reduce, reuse, and recycle. While this can be helpful, there’s so much more we can do to contribute to making our world more green and eco-friendly.

These are some easy things that you can accomplish on your own or with friends:

Number 1: Buy locally grown or organic food!

Lets start with the obvious reason for doing this…it’s better for you. Locally grown food is fresher and more nutritious. Do you really want to eat fruits and veggies that have been sitting in warehouses for who knows how long?

It’s great for the environment. A lot of farms that grow locally grown and organic food sequester carbon from the atmosphere and provide habitat for various wildlife in our communities.

It supports local farmers. With your business farmers are able to cut out the retailers and wholesalers and therefore earn more profit for their goods. With them earning more money they are able to maintain their land and grow more yummy food for us.


Number 2: Carpool or ride your bike

This is one of the things you can do by yourself or with your friends. Carpooling with friends to work or even on your way to an evening outing is great for the environment. You’re reducing the carbon footprint for the day and making the air a little bit more breathable.

If you have no one to carpool with because you have no friends, don’t fret. You can just as easily ride your bike to your destination. Cycling to work each day can save 5% of the average family’s annual CO2 emissions. Riding a bike is also seen as a form of stress relief and is a great way to stay active and exercise while helping the environment at the same time. It’s a win-win-win situation!


Number 3: Create a communal space

This can be in the form of starting a community garden. Having a community garden involves physical activity, which means it promotes physical fitness and health. It also creates a space for people to come together while advertising sustainable living in your area as well. You never know, you might meet your future husband or wife while planting tomato seeds.


Number 4: Buy a reusable water bottle

This is something super simple while still extremely helpful. An estimate of about 1500 plastic bottles end up in landfills or thrown in the ocean every second. For 2007 it is estimated that 13bn plastic bottles of water were sold in the UK of which only 3bn were recycled. Meanwhile you can buy a good quality water bottle from amazon for as little as £10!


Number 5: Turn off the lights when they’re not in use

Unless you have an extremely bad memory, turning off the lights when you leave the room shouldn’t be a problem. It conserves so much energy and you might even find that your electricity bills have reduced substantially.

By doing these things you will become a more environmentally conscious person and you’ll be doing the earth and yourself a favor.