Same-day Delivery is History

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Last mile delivery is a major issue for businesses, especially those requiring delivery from warehouses to customers such as e-commerce. The issue is fundamental in that it deals with efficiencies in the delivery logistics itself whereby they are not done in bulk and in batches for obvious reasons. The issue has been coined “The Last Mile Problem”.

The Last Mile Problem is essentially bridging almost literally, the last mile of delivery for goods from distribution hubs to end users — the customers.

While the logistics system is capable of transporting a large number of goods in cargos from miles across the UK, it is the last mile that is often the biggest issue. The last mile delivery experience is especially important in terms of providing customers with a service that is personalized, efficient and convenient for them. This experience can directly affect a company’s ratings, reviews and eventually its reputation.

There are countless problems that last mile delivery faces. As shopping online has increasingly become more convenient and practical, the shift from brick and mortar to online stores has also been increasing.

Businesses have been trying to live up to customers’ expectations. Research has shown that 28% of the total delivery cost comes from the implementation of the e-commerce last mile delivery. This is mainly due to the inefficiency of delivering goods. Factors such as incorrect address, difficulty finding locations, no one at home to receive orders, the likelihood of returns and many other issues. All these add up to the cost and time involved in last mile delivery.

This is why businesses will introduce Mobility as a Service (MaaS) strategy, to improve the quality of the customer experience by incorporating the latest technologies to optimise their services. While businesses are doing their best to reduce this cost, most companies will choose to provide a better customer experience by looking into a high-technology system and a personalised service to the point of delivery.

This all adds up to even faster deliveries (same hour), improves customer experience to the point of delivery and the decline in same day deliveries and the focus on Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Pedals have been disrupting the delivery landscape, with its personalised same hour delivery service which is 100% eco-friendly. They have 234 cyclists covering London delivering high-quality products and produce with personalised branding and messages to its partner’s customers.


Gareth Buchanan-Robinson CEO