Burning calories not fuel, and being nice about it

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I talk to our cyclists all day, everyday. These guys and gals have a serious passion for cycling and love for Pedals. Our cyclists are willing to go above and beyond, ensuring the customer gets the service they paid for and more.

For example, a potential customer called panicking as their usual courier service had cancelled. They needed a fragile cake delivered super quick. I called our nearest cyclist who didn’t have his courier box with him. Concerned it would knock about in his bag, he walked the cake to its destination. Now that is commitment. Here are a few reasons why our cyclists are so willing to go that extra mile, quite literally.

They’re doing what they love, and making money whilst doing it. Our cyclists are fitness addicts and love a good workout. Being able to keep fit whilst making money is a great benefit, a few of our cyclists have even cancelled their gym memberships.

Flexibility. Can’t work between 8.30-9.30am because that’s when you’re taking your kids to school? Sweet! Our cyclists get notified when a delivery comes up and can take it or leave it, it’s completely up to them. We’re all about empowering avid cyclists to make money and enjoy it. Why would we force people to work when they don’t want to, it doesn’t make sense to us and thankfully our cyclists agree.

We’re a community. We love what we’re doing and want our cyclists to feel the same way. We’re encouraging our cyclists to communicate with each other and engage in our online community.

We’re always on the lookout for great cyclists who want to pad their income. If you think the above sounds awesome send us your CV via Indeed.com